You could soon be the proud owner of the world’s first hologram table

You could soon be the proud owner of the world’s first hologram table

After being merely a pipe dream of science fiction fans for years, it is now possible to own a hologram table, which seems plucked straight from the movies.

Four people can simultaneously interact with the holographic images that are projected onto the table’s surface. What makes this technology particularly unique, however, is the glasses. They differ massively from the  headsets we currently associate with AR, instead, the designers opted for a sleeker look, more akin to sunglasses.

And it is the glasses themselves that actually produce the 3D image, rather than the table. They work in the same way as a standard pair of 3D glasses. Film in the table and lens filters jumbled light into an image. A microchip in them gives their exact location, and the exact location of what they are looking at, to the table, which allows for the images created to be more realistic.

The table is being developed by an Australian company, and they plan to make different models of table in a variety of different sizes, ranging from the 1.5m2 prototype, to a table big enough to stand on. The only problem at the moment is the cost of the technology.

The current table has an estimated cost of close to $50000, putting it out of many peoples price bracket. But as the technology develops, the price will drop.