Immersive Classroom
Designed with teachers and students in mind, our Immersive Classrooms have the ability to transform and enrich student learning across every single subject area. Our solutions provide a high quality 360° immersive experience that is highly versatile, user-friendly and doesn’t require a high level of technical expertise.

The Immersive Classroom is capable of taking students inside an engineering works, vehicle workshop, or construction site, or transporting them virtually to visit and study real-world locations anywhere on the planet. Teachers can also create their own content using a 360° camera to capture specific learning experiences or locations.

• Increased accessibility
• Improved engagement and interaction
• Collaborative learning
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Educational Games
Educating the workforces of the future, is our passion. Using tried and tested gaming methodologies, Animmersion have developed award winning and compelling educational material for audiences of all ages and abilities.

With multiple museum and science centre installations, live multiplayer games in classrooms, and show stopping STEM careers games for events, there’s no subject we can’t make exciting!

• Promotes positive learning attitudes
• Raises career awareness
• Supports Traditional learning methods.
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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality has changed the way we teach and learn. VR technology gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and understand complex subject areas in a fully immersed controlled environment allowing them to make mistakes without real-world consequences.

It supports traditional teaching methods by offering an engaging and interactive learning tool that brings the subject area to life.

We provide fully 3D virtual reality and interactive VR video solutions and have options to meet a range of different budgets and requirements.

Our VR video solution allows students to be fully immersed in a realistic workplace setting allowing them to gain work experience and gain awareness of different career paths without leaving the classroom while full 3D solutions allow interaction with equipment and machines and full exploration of environments.

Providing bespoke content, hardware and remote management services we make the process of deploying VR in education pain free.

• Fully 3D virtual environment
• 360° video VR
• Increased accessibility
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Augmented Reality
The learners of today have so much competing for their attention and engagement can be hard. Using Augmented reality as a learning tool is an incredible way to spark a student’s imagination and interest in otherwise dry or technical subjects.

We can interactively bring concepts, objects, and processes to life, right in front of their eyes.

With a simple mobile device our software could display, an animal, a machine, a historical artefact or even a whole factory to life at the scan of a tag or tap of the screen. Combined with supporting images, video, audio and documents, our augmented reality experiences inject a little magic into your audience’s day.

• Outdoor AR trail apps
• Classroom games in AR
• Explorable 3D models and animations
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Case Studies
We apply these solutions to multiple market sectors such as:

• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Architecture, Engineering and Construction
• Marine & Offshore
• Processing & Chemical
• Housing
• Heritage & Culture
• Education & Academia

See how we’ve helped clients in these sectors by browsing out Case-Studies
Case Studies
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