In this technological age, you need to stand out when showcasing your work. We specialise in creating clear, informative and eye-catching 3D animation that can be applied for sales and marketing purposes.

With advancements in technology, our 3D animations have become more accessible and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence or create compelling visual content to communicate effectively.

• Dynamic and eye-catching content
• Improved engagement and interaction
• Versatile promotional material
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Podium Interactive Maps
Sometimes it’s not enough to have a library, database, or list of your products on a website, or to deliver your video and animation content via YouTube. You might need to show a large array of products and services in a broader context, related to one another, in a manner audiences intuitively understand.

Our Podium solution elegantly solves this challenge with visually rich animated 3D interactive maps. Delivered online for your organisation with a fully managed service, Podium packages your entire world into an engaging and easily explored presentation rich with animation, putting your key messages right at your target audience’s fingertips.

Serving the web, touchscreen, and mobile devices, our in-house solution is an essential tool for businesses looking to present their products or services. Podium provides a unique and memorable experience for all audiences, and we provide all of the technical and creative knowhow and services to make implementation easy.

•Central hub for Animations, videos, and imagery
•Information layers and points of interest
•Enhanced engagement, communication, and customer experience.
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If you want to provide something extra for your customer engagements why not consider using VR or AR to create a memorable experience for your customers?

We have built entire housing estates in VR to help sell houses to remote customers allowing them to customise and design their own perfect homes.

We’ve shrunken down audiences to the size of molecules, so they understand the deep research and cutting edge science that delivers real benefits in the products they buy. We’ve delivered websites that enable visitors to instantly place the products into their office they can explore them at real scale and strip back layers to see how they work.

Presenting your products using immersive technologies such as VR and AR provides the opportunity to communicate in new, previously impossible ways that drive engagement and action and are truly memorable.

• Engaging & Eye-catching
• Consistent Messaging
• Increased Audience reach
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Virtual Interactive Events
Interactive and remote virtual events can enhance your business communication and accelerate your client journey. By incorporating real-time 3D technology, our platform provides an immersive experience for all, enabling users to explore virtual spaces in online in a way that feels like they are there in person.

Using only a web browser, our VIE system is versatile and flexible enabling visitors to explore a variety of full 3D environments tailored to the needs of our customers. Use cases include Virtual Showrooms, Tradeshow Stands, Training Environments and Interactive Presentations.

With our 3D Virtual Interactive Events, businesses can break down geographic barriers, reach a wider audience and showcase their products and services in a unique way. They open up the possibility of minimising travel and engaging with virtual audiences to events, prior to, during and after real world events, maximising reach.

• Modular, interactive platform with event management integrations.
• Manage and communicate with multiple remote visitors simultaneously
• Remote product and service communication
• Flexible and Scalable
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Holographic Displays
If you want the ultimate attention-grabbing tool for exhibitions stands, point of sale, product displays and reception areas we can help you. We can take care of everything from hardware sourcing, design and production of content, installation, and logistics.

There are sizes, shapes, and designs to suit all needs and budgets – from desktop units to large 360-degree walk-around systems. We can engage individuals up close or large audiences, with simple animated content or interactive holographic experiences.

We have engaged and delighted target audiences in retail, trade shows, product launches, museums, festivals and more. Whether you want a permanent installation or a rental for a specific event we can provide a solution.

• Engage audiences your product & brand in a truly memorable way.
• A unique way of supporting your marketing activations.
• Eye-Catching & attention grabbing.
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Case Studies
We apply these solutions to multiple market sectors such as:

• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Architecture, Engineering and Construction
• Marine & Offshore
• Processing & Chemical
• Housing
• Heritage & Culture
• Education & Academia

See how we’ve helped clients in these sectors by browsing out Case-Studies
Case Studies
We tailor our solutions to our clients needs
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