Augmented Reality
Engaging and deeply interactive 3D models and information, brought to life and placed in the real-world via your mobile device.

Augmented reality can enhance and improve training by allowing users to experience, interact with and manipulate 3D models intuitively in ways that may not be possible in the real world. Use AR to practice and learn new skills without direct access to the real-world product or hardware. Reducing training costs by deploying widely and avoiding travel and improve employee understanding of your products.

By overlaying digital information onto physical objects, AR can help customers and employees visualise and understand the features and benefits of a product and access instructions more easily. It can also be used to guide users through assembly processes or help with equipment maintenance.

• Eye-catching, unique way to engage with virtual products
• Simple to use, with or without AR tags
• Can be linked to a campaign, with data collection.
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Virtual Reality
VR has radical potential to enhance almost every kind of training. We have delivered numerous training solutions across various industries that are making a difference to our customers businesses right now.

Whether the requirements are simple, such as staff inductions, or complex, such as simulating real world machinery our VR provide employees with hands-on training that is consistent, cost-effective, and highly effective. Individual can practice and learn in a safe and controlled environment while experiencing high-risk and dangerous scenarios. They can repeat training as often as they need to at minimal cost.

We provide design consultancy, content development and deployment, hardware and remote management making the implementation of your VR training solution easy.

• Immersive and Interactive learning experience
• Consistent Training
• Cost-Effective.
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Bespoke interactives
If one of our standard solutions doesn’t fully address your challenge, or you’re looking for something bleeding edge and ground-breaking in your sector, then we have an incredible team just waiting to hear your brief.

It could be anything, from a custom touchscreen kiosk to a cloud synced 3D product viewer, entirely bespoke internal visualisation software or a data connected dashboard, mobile apps or even hardware-controlled VR simulations.

We have worked with innovation teams around the world to solve communications challenges for many use-cases, audiences, and applications.

• 3D Product configurators
• Data visualisation software
• Touchscreen applications for events
• Digital Twins
• Hardware and software turnkey solutions
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Case Studies
We apply these solutions to multiple market sectors such as:

• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Architecture, Engineering and Construction
• Marine & Offshore
• Processing & Chemical
• Housing
• Heritage & Culture
• Education & Academia

See how we’ve helped clients in these sectors by browsing out Case-Studies
Case Studies
We tailor our solutions to our clients needs
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