VR Induction Training Programme successfully launched

VR Induction Training Programme successfully launched

Our Operations Director, Sam Harrison, has recently unveiled a new virtual reality (VR) induction programme that has been specifically designed by Animmersion for one of Scotland’s leading construction organisations – Morrison Construction.

The VR induction programme – which is a mandatory requirement for any employee or subcontractor at Morrison Construction to undertake prior to entering a new site – is cleverly set in a CGI construction site. Users complete three modules whilst being immersed into an animated environment wearing VR googles and using hand controllers to navigate through the training programme.

In a real-time setting, users will be able to make mistakes and experience where they went wrong first hand, therefore knowing not to repeat this onsite, ultimately helping to minimise risk onsite.

Users will have to demonstrate their competencies and pass the induction programme before being allowed onsite. This provides Morrison Construction with full reassurance that all of their workers have a thorough understanding of the site itself and its potential risks.
Not only does the VR programme provide incredible engagement and stimulation for users, it also enables Morrison Construction to have a consistent training programme that has been developed around HSE policy and procedures meaning all workers will have the same level of training adhering to the same procedures.

We are hoping that our innovative solution will pave the way in helping to improve health and safety training in the construction sector, whilst also help companies to reduce spend on their training requirements in the long run.

If you would like to find out more information about the project, please feel free to email Sam at sharrison@animmersion.co.uk.