The importance of UI UX design

The importance of UI UX design

Given the start-up costs of any new business, capital outlay is likely to go on property, fixtures and fittings, operational expenses, recruitment and employment. This means that UI and UX experiences can appear quite low on the list of necessities.

Both of these are crucial to a modern business, and if the cost good design feels prohibitive, the price of poor design could be even more. We live in a digital world where people use computers and mobile phones on almost anything, and mobile apps are ubiquitous. So, every start-up that doesn’t have a website and a mobile app is already at a disadvantage in what will undoubtedly be a very competitive market.

However, UI and UX are not interchangeable as UX represents the technical aspect of the design while the UI refers to the presentation.

From the start, the user experience design must be right because the products or services being sold must be digitally accessible to customers.

Top UX design means that the design and development of an app can be user-centred – the convenience of the client is of utmost importance. They can get products or services easily and quickly within a few simple manoeuvres and the app is easy to navigate making it easy to return.

Whilst UX is technical, UI is concerned with functional aesthetics – aesthetic appeal and function working in conjunction. Inevitably then, UI design relies on user research. What are the optimum colours, fonts, and icons etc? This is where UI designers put their talent and experience into play, harmonising visual stimuli and user impact appropriately and effectively.

The vast majority of start-ups, if their product and services are not related to technology, don’t employ UX and UI designers, they take advantage of UI UX design services.

Prioritising expenses is a challenge for any start-up, but in today’s digitised world, superior UI and UX experiences are a necessary investment.