Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Animmersion can help your business to transform the way in which it trains, sells, meets and distributes product information.

Immersive technology provides the opportunity for unparalleled user engagement.

Working within various industry sectors Animmersion is developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions with early adopters to explore the impact of these technologies, exploiting their ability to enhance and disrupt traditional methods of communication and presentation in marketing and training.

We create a range of immersive solutions ideal for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Meta 2, smartphones and tablets.


Virtual Reality has arrived and is making some serious waves. With applications across the board and multiple headsets hitting the market VR is not just a gaming technology.

We create incredible immersive experiences that take you into another world, enhancing training and marketing, unlocking cost savings and imparting information through previously unachievable first-person experiences.

This innovative solution is ideal to be used at exhibitions to demonstrate your products or services, or for training purposes allowing businesses to create and streamline engaging training programs.


Augmented Reality provides the opportunity to add virtual objects to the real world and to annotate and overlay the real world with meaningful information.

Whether your requirement is to carry an entire product range in your pocket or to view the insides of industrial equipment or perhaps, just to create some magic around your product; AR offers the opportunity to create solutions that amaze, while driving value and saving money.
Experienced through headsets, mobile and tablet devices, AR can incorporate image based tags similar to barcodes or QR codes or it can be built allow you to add objects to the real world without any tags at all.

This sophisticated technology is less expensive to deploy than you might think and compatible with many existing devices. Contact us to discuss how you can enhance your marketing, sales and training provision with this innovative approach.