Virtual Interactive Events (VIE)

Is it time to invest in an alternative event solution for your business ?

With increasing environmental and public health challenges, the events, exhibitors and trade show sectors need a more cost effective and future proof solution.

Animmersion’s Virtual Interactive Event system (VIE) offers that solution.

We can create you a custom virtual meeting space and provide you the greatest remote pitching tools to:

  • Showcase your latest products and services
  • Integrate sales and marketing collateral
  • Host live presentations to multiple delegates
  • Invite and meet your key clients in real-time
  • Test your plans for real-life exhibition booths
  • Immerse premium clients in full VR

The Perfect Pitch Platform

We can create your virtual environment from you existing stand designs, or create something incredible from scratch. Not limited by fabrication and material costs, we can help create a stunning virtual experience to showcase your offerings in the most effective and engaging way to customers worldwide

Animmersion can process your existing CAD and 3D assets, to bring your products to life, allowing customers to engage more deeply than ever with interactive animations, cut-throughs, and live demonstrations to create The perfect Pitch

A suite of options - Making remote pitches better than ever

With a broad range of options, including Tablet apps, real-time 3D pitching software, online interactive maps and VR/AR opportunities, there has never been a better time to move towards virtual events and remote presentation of your products and services.

Get in touch today to find out more, we’re ready to help