Virtual Interactive Events (VIE)

VIE supports the changing landscape of business communication & provides an innovative approach to solving remote engagement

The Covid pandemic has caused disruption to face to face sales channels, including the cancellation of many major trade shows and exhibitions. Businesses need to quickly adapt if they are to maintain their market position.

Businesses that can exploit the current restrictions by deploying an effective remote replacement solution, will maintain or increase market share and reduce sales costs at the same time.

Animmersion’s Virtual Interactive Event system (VIE) delivers a cost-effective, future proof solution addressing many of today’s remote communication challenges

Driving Innovation

For over a decade Animmersion has been a leading provider of interactive communication solutions. We harness the power of leading-edge visualisation technologies to deliver products and services across a broad range of sectors addressing varied communication challenges. At the heart of our engagement has been a philosophy of ensuring we provide maximum re-use value from your digital assets and a steppingstone approach to success.

Our VIE system capitalises on much of the technology already in our portfolio, enhanced to deliver a modular, interactive platform with event management integration.

Virtual: Remote communication using a blend of computer graphics and your existing digital marketing assets
Interactive: Guided or free roam walkthroughs for clients to explore your products collecting data on their journey
A marketing activity to promote your products and services ranging from virtual stands to tours and showrooms

Use Cases

Early adopters of the Animmersion VIE solution have been impressed by the versatility and flexibility of the solution enabling it to be easily adapted to suit a wide range of use cases:

Expo: A private or on demand, personalised virtual booth that can be integrated within your website or form the cornerstone of a webinar engagement.

Showroom: Delivering a guided or free roam, virtual product showroom experience to accelerate a client’s sales journey.

Interactive Presenter: Ensure your products are communicated in an interactive and engaging way and deliver the ultimate first impression.

Guided Tour: Provide a guided tour of your facility to potential clients, highlighting key points of interest and areas of innovation. Utilise the power of remote collaboration to involve key members of your team.

Group Events: From product launches to social events the VIE platform brings interested groups together

Flexible and Scalable

Our approach is based upon re-utilising your digital marketing assets (videos, brochures, product models) to provide maximum value for your event experience and to accelerate the client journey. We use quick-start solutions and simple to understand roadmaps that ensure your VIE is scaled to your growing needs.

VIE Highlights and Business Value

VIE Highlight

  • Remote product and services communication
  • Integrated 3D Immersive technology
  • Use existing digital assets
  • Quick start & cost-effective roadmap
  • Multiple client connection points
  • Business Value

  • Eliminates travel and time costs
  • Stronger communication for product values
  • Minimise investment and maximise re-use
  • Quick return on investment
  • Live talks and pre-recorded presentations
  • Taking the first steps

    We are here to support you from identifying your communication challenges, building a cost-effective roadmap and partnership with you to deliver event success. VIE extracts maximum benefit from the restrictions created in the ‘new normal ‘ world. Call us now to learn how VIE can quickly add value to your business.