UI and UX Design

Whether developing our own software or helping our clients to design theirs, Animmersion deploys design principles at every step. We create simple, clean and intuitive user interfaces and dashboards that are a pleasure to use, ensuring that our clients software meets the needs of every user and that their brand and technology stand out from the crowd.

Our UI, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications are designed to facilitate project or process management functions. With interactive dashboards displaying real-time data and operational management our clients can benefit from seeing exactly what is happening within their business at any given time.

Animmersion offers a range of UI applications from simple data presentation systems that feature selectable drill-down structures through to applications that can essentially be used as shop windows which allow our clients customers to select a range of options suitable to them prior to making an order.

Our goal when working with all clients is to create the ultimate user experience. We do this through understanding the individual needs of our clients and what they want to convey to their customers or staff to create a unique digital experience for the end users.