Holograms and Mixed Reality

Animmersion is recognised as the leading UK hologram provider, delivering hardware and content for turnkey solutions designed to suit many applications.

We help our clients to stand out from the crowd and showcase their products in a unique way with our cutting edge and attention-grabbing holographic displays for exhibition stands, museums, point of sale, product displays and reception areas. Manufactured by Realfiction.

Providing a range of models with various sizes and features our solutions are designed to suit all needs and budgets.

Holographic animations

This can be from simple projections to detailed real-time data – and anything in-between. Hologram animations can either be stand-alone – i.e. they appear in the empty display unit with no other material present – or can they take place around a physical product placed within the unit. (For example, a small-scale model or an actual product unit can be placed in the display unit – and a range of accessories and visual effects can be projected on to the unit by holographic means).


Consisting of special concave optical lens, the DeepFrame display can be mounted on the floor or suspended in the air to create a truly mesmerising display. As the world’s largest mixed reality display, DeepFrame enables viewers to experience breathtaking images and animations as a virtual layer on top of the real world. Its game-changing capability is the ability to produce visualisations of any size, depth or distance, for example allowing a bridge or a castle to be superimposed on a real landscape, or dinosaurs to roam across galleries or gardens.


This incredibly cost effective, yet powerful, three-sided holographic display unit is ideal to be used in retail and events providing a unique and engaging experience. Highly portable and with the ability to combine physical products with mixed reality animations, the HD3 is designed to create attention and increase sales wherever you need it.


As one of the largest mixed reality displays ever built, the Diamond allows real objects and 3D holographic images to be blended together. It is an ideal solution for exhibition and use, as well as point-of-sale promotion. Creating a real wow-factor, the Diamond can be used to highlight intricate product features or show flowing animations.


POP3 Fusion

As single-sided displays the POP3 and POP3B Dreamoc holographic displays are easy to install and cost effective. With the ability to combine physical objects with holographic content, the POP3 brings our clients brands to life to create a unique experience for their customers. Ideal in retail environments, the display boasts a range of features including bright and sharp picture quality, built in loudspeakers and a programmable on/off timer.


This elegant and slim medium sized three-sided holographic display has the ability to showcase a huge holographic image and create an astonishing experience for users. A physical object can be combined with the holographic image to create an extremely powerful centerpiece. Available with a large stand this device makes for an excellent focal point for tradeshow stands or reception areas.