PODIUM – Sales Enablement Solution

We help businesses to interactively showcase their products and services for both informational and educational purposes.

Complex product ranges and specialist processes can be a business challenge to communicate.

Animmersion can help.

We specialise in simplifying complexity and revealing the hidden benefits of your products.

We take the time to understand your company, your customers and how you sell, so we can develop the optimum interactive solution to support sales, marketing and training needs.

Delivered on mobile devices, large touchscreens, and even holographic displays, our experts are ready to take your communication solutions to a new level, using our unique presentation tool, PODIUM.

PODIUM Sales Enablement Solution

Powerful, elegant and simple.

PODIUM communicates your offerings with clarity and context, giving you a consistent way to sell.

  • Vibrant and engaging imagery.
  • Elegant and insightful animations.
  • Intuitive and simple navigation.
  • Tailored for you and your team.

Developed once and deployed wherever you want.
It’s time to take your communication to a new level.

Touchscreen Presentation Systems

We supply systems that present products and services across a range of devices in an engaging, easy to follow format. Our touchscreen systems can be setup at events, in store, reception areas or boardrooms and used for informational and training purposes.

Interactive Maps

Our PODIUM solutions often feature 3D interactive maps, that use a visual metaphor to explain your company’s products, services and customer facing information.
We can include links to existing content including imagery, videos, PDFs and data sheets.

This is an ideal solution to showcase a site’s facilities, a product range in situ, projects under construction or even interactive planning tools.

Interactive User Manuals 

PODIUM can also be used to create digital product manuals which can cover and demonstrate a range of processes including product installation, operation and maintenance.