PODIUM – Sales Enablement Solution

We help businesses to interactively showcase their products and services for both informational and educational purposes.

We communicate with animation and other visuals, adding layers of interaction and deploying across devices including smartphones, tablets and interactive touchscreens. Our interactive solutions present information succinctly whilst driving engagement with users in an efficient non-linear format.

Working closely with our clients we design and tailor interactive solutions that are target driven and generate optimum results.

Touchscreen Presentation Systems

We supply systems that present products and services across a range of devices in an engaging, easy to follow format. Our touchscreen systems can be setup at events, in store, reception areas or boardrooms and used for informational and training purposes.

We also design and supply interactive maps to effectively display our client’s products and services geographically with intelligent features such as fly-around, zoom-in, click-on and call-up features.

Interactive Sales Tools

We design and supply company branded sales presentations which consist of a range of features from images, animations, videos and PDFs. Accessible from one presentation system, this solution is ideal for sales presentations, exhibition touch-screen or online content.

We also design interactive 3D product displays that can be used across many platforms. The purpose is to allow our clients to showcase specific elements of products to demonstrate their key benefits in an easy to understand format.

Interactive Maps

We design and supply 3D interactive maps, that use a visual metaphor to explain any company’s product, services and customer facing information that consist of a range of innovative features such as fly-around, zoom-in, click-on and data call-up functions.

This is an ideal solution to showcase facilities, a product range in situ, projects under construction, interactive planning tools and major event interfaces.

Interactive User Manuals 

We design and supply digital product manuals which can cover and demonstrate a range of processes including product installation, operation and maintenance.