Issues with internal communications – can apps help?

Issues with internal communications – can apps help?

One of the biggest issues with internal communications is the illusion that any form of communication has actually taken place. Sending out material, setting up and running an extensive and carefully planned intranet, and even team meetings, can in many cases merely give the illusion that communication, true communication, has actually taken place.

But it probably hasn’t.

What it probably has done, is just made you feel better, made you feel that you have ‘communicated’ but it’s likely to be communication without interest or understanding. Communication without interest or understanding isn’t really communication, it’s noise, background noise, or wallpaper.

Apps can be extremely effective at delivering the right content to the right hands at the right times, they are highly interactive and accessible. We rely on them to communicate brand messages to our customers, so why not use them to talk to our internal audience?

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