How to know whether to use live action video, or animations.

How to know whether to use live action video, or animations.

We all know that in order to effectively get your message across, you can utilise videos of some kind. Done correctly, they can be one of the most effective mediums with which to reach your target audience.

But there is another choice to be made, even after deciding to use a video. Do you go down the live action route, or the animation one? Now that isn’t to say that the two are mutually exclusive. In fact, by carefully integrating them together, adverts and messages can be delivered in a fun way, without compromising on the message.

Many companies, however, will opt for one or the other. Either live action, or animation. So, which is better? Generally, the correct choice depends on the message you are trying to send. Live action videos mean that your communications are done in much the same way as any real-life conversation, and by using actual employees instead of actors, you humanise your brand.

However, when it comes to complex messages, it is a different story. Perhaps you want to explain an abstract concept, or a product that requires a lot of technical information to understand properly. In this scenario, an animation may be more appropriate. Using text, charts and illustrations, along with other tools, is easier with an animation, and effective implementation of said techniques allows complicated and detailed information to be relayed with greater ease.

Your choice should depend on the audience and the message. The correct solution on one occasion might not be successful on another, depending on the nature of the aforementioned message, or the tone you are trying to create.