Events Industry: Responding to COVID19 & Learning to Adapt

Events Industry: Responding to COVID19 & Learning to Adapt

The impact of COVD-19 has been drastic across several business sectors including building and running exhibitions and events.

Many stand builders and event organisers are using this opportunity to reflect on current business practices and how digital innovation can play an important role in minimising face to face communication for large scale events but at the same time unlocking new growth areas. Events should continue to focus on communication using technology to their advantage to deliver events beyond COVID-19.

A new research study from Events force shows that ‘45% of organisers have postponed, 27% have cancelled and another 25% are searching for solutions to move their events online’

In light of this, we have adopted an approach that has time and cost-saving benefits for visitors. We are bringing digital innovation technology to stand and expo organisers to provide value-added services through remote collaboration and interaction. We are certainly not saying that face to face interaction will not be happening in the future, but we are saying that digital innovation will be playing a far stronger role.

For over 10 years we have been providing organisations with visuals tools to communicate and enhance their products and services. Our virtual Interactive Events (VIE) has become an expansion and combination of our services to provide a platform to overcome current environmental issues. This extended solution provides stand builders and event organisers with a unique opportunity to broaden their value proposition and to support their clients in a new digital innovation age.

We would love to share more with you about our Virtual Interactive Events If you would like to chat about this platform you can get in touch with our Marketing Coordinator at

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