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Presentations; Medium, Message and Relevance

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Here’s an article with tips on how to do really good presentations on your products and services. If it’s true, then at best, the average attention span for a presentation is 7 – 10 minutes, so why is the average presentation over 20 minutes long?


As with many things a successful presentation is a combination of the medium, the message and most importantly, relevance. Powerpoint almost always defaults to a linear structure, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that, but it doesn’t suit all messages, how often do you find your skipping slides due to a one size fits all presentation. To produce a successful, engaging presentation you need to use the right medium to communicate your message. That’s not always going to be Powerpoint, or Prezi. It might just be something different.

The 6 degrees’ podcast with Mitch Joel

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We love the 6 degrees’ podcast with Mitch Joel. It can get a bit self-indulgent, but generally it’s a 50-minute discussion of what’s happening in technology and digital media – http://www.twistimage.com/podcast/ – and is well worth a listen. There’s one principle Mitch talks about a lot – that even though we are enmeshed in digital media business is always personal. It’s never ‘just business’ – it’s all about humans creating great work for other humans – so it’s always personal. As a company that designs user interfaces – the means of humans interacting with data, we agree wholeheartedly – we take every piece of work personally. We will be sharing more from this and any other podcast over the next few months.

User Interface in Games

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Now, as a big fan of the game ‘stickman wingsuit’, I’ve come across a problem that rammed home how important the user interface is. The game is playable and entertaining, but going back to it made me question how come so many games and apps don’t really consider the user interaction?

Where there is a touch screen, and pressing the button obscures something important, then the game falters. In some games it is a genuine challenge to know where to place your finger, as much as it is to win at the game. In the stickman game for example, placing my finger on the screen, obscures too much of the screen, and I struggled to know where to put it and play the game.

Now this is a very simplistic issue, with a very simple game, but it is an issue that applies to a range of games, to a range of apps.

When creating a genuinely brilliant user interface you really need to start with understanding the user. This applies to both the physicality of the user, and the way they think and take in data. Button positioning, size and design are all crucial, and apply to all interfaces, be they apps, games, or interacting with animations and presentations.

There are 215,000 search results for ‘Prezi Nausea’

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Did you know that on Google there are 215,000 search results for the keywords – ‘Prezi Nausea’ – Surprisingly some articles are on the Prezi site itself, discussing how to reduce ‘motion sickness’.

Many of the solutions suggested are those that reduce the very features that make Prezi unique (one solution for example is to save the presentation as a PDF) – solutions that make the presentation more linear, more structured – more like Powerpoint in fact.

So, to avoid motion sickness do we have to create linear, simple Powerpoint presentations? Or is there another way?

Have you tried Prezi, and did it work well for you?

What is the value of a presentation system that you have to work around to avoid making your audience feel sick?

User Interface for Crowd Vision

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We are providing user interface design services to Crowd Vision, the experts in crowd analytics software. Crowd Vision’s products enable real-time tracking and monitoring of crowds or customer flows in public spaces. The project involves developing bespoke web enabled dashboards for use by management teams at international airports, enabling them to interact with, and act upon, real-time data analytics.

User Interface: interactive 3D spatial map for Digital City

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DigitalCity Business is developing a self-sustaining and profitable cluster of world-class digital media and technology enterprises. We are supplying the organisation with a 3D spatial map of its companies, showing the development over time, trading inter-relationships and capabilities, with the entire system being capable of interactive request for further information and contact details.