#Immersive Displays

We’ve launched new line of interactive maps

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As images take over from words in sales & marketing presentations, more clients are using interactive maps and touch-screen images to showcase their products and services, with zoom-in, click-on and call-up features. We now have a wide range of interactive options including maps, cities, buildings or other facilities that clients can use as the central feature for their sales efforts.

Interactive touchscreen project

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We have been asked to create an advanced interactive marketing system showcasing the products of a major global provider of switching and protection solutions for electrical distribution systems. Based on interactive map technology, the system will display sectoral and sub-sectoral infrastructure allowing the instant call up of technical, quality and other product information of direct relevance.

User Interface: interactive 3D spatial map for Digital City

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DigitalCity Business is developing a self-sustaining and profitable cluster of world-class digital media and technology enterprises. We are supplying the organisation with a 3D spatial map of its companies, showing the development over time, trading inter-relationships and capabilities, with the entire system being capable of interactive request for further information and contact details.

Mapping a major new energy testing facility for Narec

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Narec, the UK’s National Renewable Energy Centre for renewable energy and low carbon technologies, has asked us to supply images and animations to map the site of their new very large scale testing facility for offshore renewable energy, including site layout, access to buildings and new test-rig facilities for wave and wind energy.

Interactive training simulations for St. John Ambulance

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We have been asked to supply a series of health & safety animations on subjects such as resuscitation to St John Ambulance, the UK’s leading first aid charity. The products are interactive (immersive) simulations where trainees have to make choices from options available, be challenged and receive feedback at each step. They also feature step-sorter and quiz functions to reinforce knowledge transfer and retention.

Update for 3D interactive map for Teesside University

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We have been asked to supply a 3D interactive map of Teesside University’s campus. viewable from multiple camera angles, with zoom-in features and building-specific information and image provision.