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Currently being displayed at Animmersion HQ is the DeepFrame One – which comprises the latest advanced technology and is set to change the way in which we see things.

As the first immersive solutions provider in the UK to showcase this mind-blowing mixed-reality display, we are inviting businesses who have an interest to come and visit our studios to see our new technology up-close to appreciate the full scale and unique experience created.

Merging the real and virtual world to produce visualisations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time, the DeepFrame One – developed and manufactured by Denmark based Realfiction – allows viewers to experience lifelike visuals like never before without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear.

With a window-like display, the DeepFrame One is the largest of its kind boasting a high-precision optical lens, combined with a uniquely curved OLED screen. Unlike any other display, the DeepFrame One impressively produces visualisations of any size, depth or distance allowing viewers to experience breath-taking images and animations as a virtual layer on top of the real world.

Want to arrange a visit? The DeepFrame One is currently erected in our studios – located in Boho One Middlesbrough – and will be available to view until mid-June. If you would like to arrange a viewing, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Dominic Lusardi via email dlusardi@animmersion.co.uk or call +44 (0)1642 688091.

Interactive touchscreens – you need to know your iVPs from your iMs

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Times are changing for those who sell things for a living. Whether you’re on an exhibition stand or in face-to-face presentations, the old-school way of presenting a series of slides or images is dying fast. Attention span is falling dramatically and to many people this kind of “linear lecturing” is just boring.

What’s replacing it? New interactive multi-layered presentations that allow users to jump smoothly from one aspect to another on request – basically, the ability to instantly call up any relevant data, at any time.

In recent years, mainly with exhibition stands and websites in mind, some companies have replaced static images with 3D animations. This was a big improvement – its more entertaining and can demonstrate many aspects of a product in a very short space of time.

There is still a place, especially in engineering sectors, for demonstrating the actual, physical product – nothing wrong with that – but for this reason many engineering companies have been slow to begin their digital journey. And for those who are just starting – take note – animators already know that five minute animations, unless they are really dramatic (and therefore expensive) are too long to maintain the attention of most.

So, what to do, especially if you have a complex product or process you need to explain?

Well, consider embedding your animations within a interactive video-player (iVP). This “chapterises” the animation so that you can watch the whole thing, or navigate directly to a specific sequence, or replay sections at will. It may sounds complex and expensive, but it isn’t – its quite easy to do and the use of iVPs for animations is rising fast.

But what about companies with lots of products or services who need animations of each? The answer is an interactive map (iM).

Its needn’t be anything to do with a map – though many of them do use a map as a homepage (e.g. an interactive city or interactive petrochem plant). Rather, its a way of depicting the full range of products or services available, then letting the user choose which ones they want to look at.

iMs have lots of navigational capability, so you can move seamlessly from one animation to another, then back again, without losing your place – and you can also embed and call up other things like PDFs, images, technical drawings, quality statements, videos – pretty much anything that you have.

These presentational iMs don’t have to be fancy, they just need well-designed functionality – and they can be modified or extended at will. For complex company groups, you can also design them to have a single homepage or to have a different “face” for each subsidiary or division.

So, animations can be contained within iVPs, which in turn can be contained within an iM.

Still with me? Actually, you don’t need to worry about it – any decent animation house will sort it out for you and you’ll end up with a presentation system that looks great and makes you appear slick, professional and cool.

More interesting, more flexible – and just better. If you want to try one of these out, try this one; go to http://www.tracerco.com/petrochemical-and-refineries/animation/

An online interactive city product display for Singer Valves

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Singer Valves design and manufacture automatic control valves for the water industry.

We’ve just supplied them with an online product showcase – a 3D interactive virtual city – showing the location and function of different valve products.

The system, recently launched by Singer to much acclaim, allows viewers to drill down into detail on each product, including explanatory animations, operational guides and other product specification data.


Why do so many companies ignore the potential for interactivity at their exhibitions?

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There is still a slow take-off for interactivity for exhibitions and shows.

At last month’s Offshore Europe event we did a quick head count of the companies who were exhibiting.

About half of the exhibition stands had invested in flat-screen displays. While some were simply scrolling through static product images, a fair number had 3D animations.

However, very few were interactive, so very few visitors could select what they wanted to see – which we find hard to understand why. Software for navigable animations or called-up images, PDFs or animations is simple and inexpensive and it’s also what customers want.

We live in an age of television on demand, interactive websites, and apps; our audience is used to being able to get the information they want, when they want it.

So, instead of the usual type of animation, it’s always worth considering including interactivity to make your exhibition displays more engaging. It is easy to set up a system that defaults back to a standard animation when no one is using it.

The more engaging your display, the longer your customers and prospects will spend on your stand and the greater the chance you have of building a relationship with them.

Investment in new render farm

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Due to a growing demand for our animation and interactive touch-screen products, we have invested in new render farm capacity. As a result our clients will benefit from increased project processing speed and it also boosts our ability to carry out multiple concurrent renders.

User interface services for Move With Us

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We are supplying a range of consultancy services to Move With Us. The company provide risk management and sales/marketing solutions for property businesses, plus maintenance and legal services. We are supplying user interface design services, together with ongoing consultancy support, keeping the company at the forefront of trends in user interface, animation and App use.