Check Out Our DeepFrame One at the Great Exhibition of the North

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We are delighted to be headlining the country’s largest event of 2018 – The Great Exhibition of the North – with Animmersion’s unique revolutionary mixed-reality display, DeepFrame One.

The event – launched 22nd June – will feature a programme of exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and experiences packed into 80 days and spread across three hubs in the city of Newcastle. 

We are proud to be showcasing these experiences through the UK’s first DeepFrame One – invented by the Danish company Realfiction – which is set to change the way viewers see things. Merging the real and virtual world allows viewers to experience lifelike visuals never before seen without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear.

With a window like display, the DeepFrame One is the largest mixed-reality display of its kind and will be featuring in The Great Exhibition of the North for nine weeks across some of the exhibition’s key venues.  These include:

·        Eldon Square for two weeks showcasing how car showrooms could look int the future together with a Lego display that will include some of the most breath-taking visuals

·        The Hancock Museum for a further six weeks where an incredible raptor experience will take viewers into the prehistoric world together with a commissioned artist, Arcus Studios, that take the viewer on a journey through five hundred and seventy million years of Earth’s history, stopping off at the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras

·        The Sage Gateshead where the public will be invited to create their own immersive musical experience encompassing some of the North Easts best known landmarks.

As one of the most high-profile and visually stimulating events that the region has seen for some time, we are absolutely delighted to have been asked to be an integral part of this through the use of the DeepFrame One.

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Animmersion to Host Exclusive Event Launching Digital Technology Firsts

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We are delighted to announce we will be hosting an event on the 23rd and 24th of January that will see Animmersion premiere the largest mixed reality display ever designed.

Hosted alongside the manufacturers, RealFiction of Denmark, the event is a UK and European first and will see the official launch of a new mixed reality display – known as DeepFrame – together with a brand-new 3D hologram exhibition – the Dreamoc Diamond.

Both DeepFrame and Dreamoc Diamond will be launched in front of a UK audience made up of many of the world’s highest profile brands across retail, design and manufacturing.

Unique to the industry, DeepFrame presents living images as a virtual layer overlaid on real world visuals, in any size and distance, using filmed or 3D animated content in full colour and at 4K resolution. The Dreamoc Diamond is a large and elegant unit that allows real objects and 3D holographic images to be blended together and experienced from all four sides of the display simultaneously.

As one of the Realfictions chosen partners, supplying to clients across the globe, Animmersion is delighted that the DeepFrame and Dreamoc products are to be premiered at our very own exclusive event.  This follows a very successful US launch – earlier this month – at the global consumer electronics show CES 2018 in Las Vegas with both Animmersion and RealFiction present at this event.

Alongside the launch of these two products, we will also be showcasing our current mixed reality displays, super-size 3D holographic displays, VR/AR technologies and Interactive digital presentations systems to both key and prospective clients. Designed to provide an insight into all our latest cutting-edge digital visualisation products and services, the event will showcase to the many visitors attending just how the latest digital visualisation solutions can enhance their business offering and where their use is most appropriate.

As well as offering the opportunity for attendees to try the technology for themselves the Animmersion team will also be on hand to answer any questions on the latest technology to hit the digital visualisation market and how content can be created for it.

You could soon be the proud owner of the world’s first hologram table

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After being merely a pipe dream of science fiction fans for years, it is now possible to own a hologram table, which seems plucked straight from the movies.

Four people can simultaneously interact with the holographic images that are projected onto the table’s surface. What makes this technology particularly unique, however, is the glasses. They differ massively from the  headsets we currently associate with AR, instead, the designers opted for a sleeker look, more akin to sunglasses.

And it is the glasses themselves that actually produce the 3D image, rather than the table. They work in the same way as a standard pair of 3D glasses. Film in the table and lens filters jumbled light into an image. A microchip in them gives their exact location, and the exact location of what they are looking at, to the table, which allows for the images created to be more realistic.

The table is being developed by an Australian company, and they plan to make different models of table in a variety of different sizes, ranging from the 1.5m2 prototype, to a table big enough to stand on. The only problem at the moment is the cost of the technology.

The current table has an estimated cost of close to $50000, putting it out of many peoples price bracket. But as the technology develops, the price will drop.

How to survive 3 days on an exhibition stand – make friends with a hologram

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Your exhibition stand may look OK when you set it up in the office. You may even be quite proud of it – but OK isn’t enough when you’re just one of hundreds of stands at the event.

Visitors have limited time and energy. They won’t visit every stand, so they naturally gravitate towards those with interesting things on them. And after all your effort, its agonising to see people walk past you to visit other stands. So how do you get them to stop?

I’m assuming that you already know the basics. Don’t stand glowering miserably out at people; don’t have five of you on the stand, blocking access to anyone else; attractive assistants in eye-catching clothes are old hat (oh yes, they are) and – please people – no more fancy dress.

So its got to be something different and engaging. Interactive games are still OK – most people are up for a bit of fun, they learn about your products and you can throw in a prize, too. Much hotter, though, are 3D hologram displays. These allow you to project your products in hologram form – they are very new, have a real “wow”-factor, don’t take up much space and are cheaper than you’d think.

The hologram images are viewable from 3 or 4 sides and you can really mess with people’s minds by changing what they see as they walk from one side to another. You can create a true 3D walk-around of your product, or show cut-away views on one or more sides, or views of something completely different and unexpected. It makes people stare, come forward to take a closer look – and, there you go, you have another new friend to talk to.

Holograms primarily give a dynamic, attractive visual effect. So you might want to combine them with an interactive touchscreen so that people can drill down into detailed information about your products – and this needn’t be a 100-inch interactive wall, it can just be a nearby tablet. Or, for those with very large products (engines, vehicles), why not combine these with small-scale, pull-apart models of your equipment.

People don’t know much about holograms yet because they are so new. So here are answers to questions that we regularly get asked:

Yes, you can show multiple products: either have a row of hologram units, each one showing a different product – or get a tablet controller for a single unit which allows you to call up whichever animation you want to show.

Yes, if you’ve broken something you can easily get replacement parts at a reasonable price.

Yes, you can sometimes re-use footage from 3D product animations that you already have.

Yes, of course you can turn the soundtrack down or off; if you don’t want a soundtrack at all, don’t get one.

Yes, they have travel cases so that when the exhibition ends, you can move them to reception areas, boardrooms or other events.

How big are they? The small ones are about the size of a microwave oven, but they go all the way up to 2-metre, 360-degree walk-around monsters.

Costs? From less than £2k for little ones to over £40k for the monsters.

See your exhibition stand can be interesting, different and ahead of the game – and its not as hard as you thought.