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Things are looking exciting for VR. Upgrades, user-friendly headsets and new-gen high resolution glasses are giving consumers more choice for high-end applications. And in a few years, this high resolution will work its way down to cheaper devices and the

VR has come of age – and what’s more, it looks like the VR industry is on the verge of massive expansion. Which goes against some spurious predictions that it’s peaked already. When people talk about VR, they are usually

UI design stands for user interface. In computing, an interface is simply the space where humans and computers interact and in UI design, the interface is designed with the user in mind for the mutual benefit of both the consumer

The Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an interface system with augmented reality technology which gives a ‘robot’s eye view’ of the surroundings that could help people with motor impairments operate a robot to perform routine personal care tasks –