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At Animmersion we can animate even the most technically complex products and services, creating a showcase that emphasises features and benefits in an easy and visually interesting format to engage with your customers. Animmersion has teamed up with Miller Groundbreaking

A new approach combines 3D coherent imaging with machine learning to detect microscale microplastics in filtered water samples. There is an increasing awareness that the largest percentage of marine litter consists of plastic waste which can take decades to biodegrade,

Augmented reality, where real images are superimposed with virtual animations, could provide car drivers with highly relevant information about their immediate environment in the near future. Applications being developed for cars include driver-visible heads-up displays (HUDs), wearable tech and the

Animmersion, the Middlesbrough-based visualisation and immersive technology company, has announced that co-founder Dominic Lusardi is taking on a new role in the business with fellow co-founder Samuel Harrison becoming Managing Director. This will allow Dominic, who remains as a Director