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Up until March 2020, live events were probably the optimal environment for product launches, exhibitions, and trade shows. Though costly and complex, the benefits of gathering many stakeholders in person, in terms of excitement, engagement and networking were universal. Then

The pandemic has caused seismic change in many businesses. Almost overnight, when the UK went into lockdown, companies that had always relied on networking, training, and selling in person had to find alternative solutions fast. In order to survive they

AI and robotics are becoming more and more sophisticated at doing what previously were exclusively human actions. And they’re doing them at lower cost, more quickly and more efficiently. This offers vast potential to many sectors, and AI will increasingly

The future of field work operations in construction and utilities could be revolutionised by the impact of augmented reality technologies. The wastewater and water industries are complex areas that incorporate dams, water treatment plants, pipes, and sewage and moving forward,

Disruptive technology drives the growth of innovation. However, it’s not the tech itself that is disruptive, it’s the use of the tech and the way it is applied to disrupt an existing market or industry. By introducing a technologically enabled

VR theatres use virtual reality in the form of headsets and haptics to offer immersive adventure experiences with interactive content from flying or fighting dragons to taking part in undercover spy missions. For a while, location-based VR entertainment venues have