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AI has clearly been identified as a technology promising huge potential for business, healthcare, education, finance and many other sectors. In fact, the International Data Corporation has suggested the expected global spending on AI systems to increase to around $79

In August 2019, there were around 2.5 million apps in the Google Play store and around 2 million in the Apple app store. In addition, by 2020, apps are expected to be creating around £472 billion of revenue. Given that

Researchers at RMIT University, Melbourne recently investigated whether an interactive virtual reality experience could induce sleepiness. The multisensory experience involves wearing a VR headset while lying on a gently oscillating bed and is based on the principles of neurofeedback –

Currently, creating a lifelike avatar entails capturing large quantities of high-quality audio and video footage of an individual, then adding existing functionality to make the VR environment believable. However, researchers have developed a system that allows VR users to represent

Given the start-up costs of any new business, capital outlay is likely to go on property, fixtures and fittings, operational expenses, recruitment and employment. This means that UI and UX experiences can appear quite low on the list of necessities.