Does Animation Improve Website Traffic and User Understanding?
October 18th, 2023
Starting to market engineering and manufacturing products can be daunting. You need to convey your product’s effectiveness, quality and function while keeping your audience engaged. This can feel like an uphill battle, especially for those not used to producing this type of material. So what is the easiest and most effective place to start?
Video marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing tools over the past 7 years. On average 96% of marketers said it increased user understanding of their product or service.* Animation allows you to break down your product and show each element and how it works. This provides a unique opportunity to create a detailed demonstration that exhibits its function. The creative and practical elements of animation not only engage but show your customers that you care about their complete understanding of what they are buying. Ensuring they are getting the best possible solution for their problem.

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In addition to creating clarity, 91% of people say video marketing improved their website traffic.* When it comes to customer engagement and their journey, producing something unique and tailored will make a higher percentage of conversions successful.
Incorporating animation into your marketing plan will set your business apart from others as only 55% of marketers created animation-based videos in 2022.* Harnessing the power of animation to show what your product does, rather than telling customers, will create a lasting impression and overall will send a more memorable message.
18% of people don’t use video marketing because they don’t know where to start.* When working with us, here at Animmersion, we talk to you about your product and how we can best showcase it. We produce the highest-quality content to fit whatever your budget. If you have a challenge, then we have a digital content solution. Get in touch today to discuss the next steps.

*Wyzowl (2023) Video marketing statistics: New data for 2023, Wyzowl. Available at: (Accessed: 12 September 2023).

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