Animmersion: Heriot Watt University uses immersive digital technology to tackle disability bias.
Tech Industry
May 23rd, 2023
Animated videos are increasingly used as a strategy to successfully market products.

As a tool, they can be used to promote, explain, share, and emphasise concepts, ideas, and products in an immediate, interesting and engaging way.

As consumers tend to research products before they commit to purchase, animated video is an accessible medium through which to present a product or service and how it operates, which can include customer reviews and website links.

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The immediacy of consumer engagement with animated video can also help raise click-through and conversion rates, and as animated videos with graphics require minimal updates, and changes can be executed rapidly, they can be a an efficiently cost-effective way to market a product. Because viewing a professional video engages consumers for longer on a website and Google’s algorithm uses the time visitors spend there when determining search rankings, it should reduce the bounce rate and assist with search engine optimisation – enabling a business to rank higher Google searches.

If the animated video used to market a brand is entertaining as well as informational, people tend to view the brand positively. Video clips which offer effective and entertaining communication between brand and consumer encourage client loyalty. It could be argued that when consumers perceive that a company ‘cares’ their loyalty increases. By entertaining and engaging with the viewers they may appreciate it as a sign of investment and ‘concern’ for them which, in turn, engenders loyalty whether conscious or unconscious.

What’s more, the limited human presence of animated video can actively minimise the chance of discrimination or bias as the generated characters can be tailored explicitly to fit the product and service requirements.

In plain sight, animated video can be used to elicit favourable emotions and connections with a consumer as it provides a direct audio and visual interaction. This can be used to boost brand image, reinforce existing and create new relationships.

Used creatively and purposefully, animated video can be a powerful marketing tool. High quality graphics and professional production is key. Done well, animations can be extremely effective in scaling up businesses.

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