Animmersion UK Delivers Virtual Work Experience For Newcastle United Foundation Initiative
April 24th, 2024
Animmersion UK is working with Newcastle United Foundation to transform the world of work experience by creating immersive real-life content with VR experiences that enable young people in the Northeast to explore a wide range of career paths.

The independent registered charity, supported by Newcastle United Football Club, aims to connect, motivate, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to develop the necessary skills and confidence to build a career.
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Using their in-house VR-video platform and specialist VR video cameras, Middlesbrough based Animmersion UK LTD filmed ‘a day-in-the-life’ experiences with a range of the foundation’s partners, including LNER, Sage and the football club themselves.

The immersive 360-degree and stereo VR content features a variety of staff explaining their roles and experiences in the workplace – highlighting the wide variety of career opportunities available within each organisation.

The VR work experience platform allows users to explore exciting locations normally out of bounds for the general public, like the dressing rooms, training facilities, centre circle and even up on top of the stadium roof at St James’ Park!

The experiences also give users additional information, career guidance and typical salary expectations for many of these roles and provide unique insights into things like LNERs Azuma train simulators and Sage’s incredible 16th floor offices in the London Shard.

Sage is a key stakeholder and technology partner to the Foundation, facilitating immersive work experiences for young people using VR headsets. As users navigate through the content, it enables the charity to analyse and evaluate the level of engagement.

The Foundation’s NU Futures programme provides support for young adults through mentoring, personal development, digital STEM learning, and regular interactions with local employers.

The programme is delivered at NUCASTLE, powered by Newcastle Building Society, alongside an extensive community outreach programme targeting thousands of schoolchildren and young people across the North of Tyne.

Andrew Liddell, Chief Design Officer at Animmersion UK, said: “Our VR technology brings the workplace to life in a way that is both cost-effective and incredibly engaging.

“It’s a transformative experience that delivers users into the heart of normally inaccessible work environments – allowing them to explore, learn, and be inspired. Our immersive VR videos are not simulations but gateways into the real world of work.

“This is an affordable, highly versatile and adaptable technology that is not only changing how people learn but how they see their professional futures by revealing previously unimagined career paths.”

Dawn Barber, Head of Business at Newcastle United Foundation, said: “Working together with Animmersion UK to utilise our VR experiences we are able to transport young people in the North East virtually into a variety of workplaces, highlighting the many career opportunities available.

“VR is helping us break down traditional boundaries, enabling young people to explore and envision futures they may never have considered. It’s about expanding horizons and inspiring dreams, one virtual journey at a time.”

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