Who We Are

We help our clients to create the ultimate digital experience.

Established in 2006 Animmersion is a leading supplier of digital visualization tools specializing in five key areas:

Animmersion delivers digital services direct from our UK based studio with our team of experienced designers, artists and software engineers, providing all clients with access to the technical and creative skills they need. We have a design led approach and seek to exploit pre-existing digital assets wherever possible to generate the best results possible within defined budgets.

We tailor our solutions to our client’s needs.

Working closely with our clients from the offset allows us to understand individual requirements and tailor solutions that provide maximum benefits for all stakeholders.

Predominately working with clients with large scale or complex requirements, we understand that presenting a multifaceted product or service can be difficult. Building our existing technologies, utilising a platform agnostic approach to digital, and drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we create solutions across the value chain that ultimately drive the bottom line, increase operational efficiencies and sustain both employee and customer engagement.

Our Approach

When delivering any project, Animmersion understand the need to ensure all parties are engaged during the development process. Through the use of project management and online hubs we keep our clients regularly informed about the development and ask for regular feedback throughout the production cycle.

Animmersion’s experience of delivering projects around the world ensures that what we deliver, will meet our client’s objectives.