Our Team

Our industry leading team is our greatest asset and we take the upmost pride in the fact that our creativity, professionalism and technical ability allows us to excel in our field.

With multi-disciplinary capabilities and extensive experience in digital media and immersive solution deployment – ranging from 3D animation and content through to interactive software development, game design, virtual reality and other immersive technologies – we provide a creative and considered approach to any communication challenge.


Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Dominic Lusardi

Name:Dominic Lusardi

Job Title:Managing Director

Role at animmersion:As managing director my role is to develop and grow the business through close client relationships that supports them in consultative way as well as the governance of Animmersion. I focus on the business development and work closely with the development team to innovate and bring forward new technologies that benefit our clients.

Interesting Fact:I'm a totally techy at heart, from working in games development, interactive web, animation, to networking and IT, I have a passion for seeing technology applied in a truly beneficial way.

Animmersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | Sam Harrison

Name:Sam Harrison

Job Title:Operations Director

Role at animmersion:Continual Improvement, whether that is innovating with our product and service range or enhancing and streamlining our in-house activities. I’m also responsible for managing key accounts and actively promoting the great work we do at every opportunity.

Interesting Fact:I’m all for thinking outside the box, championing creativity and leading the way in our industry. No sense in blindly following when there is so much opportunity on the horizon

Animmersion UK | User Interface Design | Andi Liddel

Name:Andi Liddell

Job Title:Lead Interactive Designer

Role at animmersion:I work closely with our clients to design the perfect interactive solution and ensure our team of skilled developers deliver content with the best possible user experience.

Interesting Fact:Working in interactive design for over 20 years has given me plenty of opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past! Thankfully, I can now apply this knowledge to improve the interactive solutions of the future.

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Kevin Mann

Name:Kevin Mann

Job Title:Innovation / Interactive Manager

Role at animmersion:Manager and lead of the Animmersion Interactive team, focused on mobile application and web based development along aside innovation projects both client and internally facing. My role ranges from management to design and prototyping to hands on coding.

Interesting Fact:Thought I was only ever going to be a professional footballer until 17 when a teacher told me to focus on business & computing instead. A Techstars Alumni (Boulder 2009) I was named as one of Bloomberg Business Week 2010’s Top Young Entrepreneurs in Technology, before joining Animmersion.

Animmersion UK | User Interface Design | Andy McAdam

Name:Andy McAdam

Job Title:Lead 3D

Role at animmersion:I lead the 3D team on both creative and technical tasks. I also work closely with clients on realising their aspirations. Whether it’s modelling complicated products or realistic texturing and rendering techniques I’m here to help and resolve any challenges.

Interesting Fact:I love Squash (not the vegetable, the sport) and I’m not too shabby at it either! Playing PC games, occasionally threating to go to the gym and eating cake…. not all at the same time.

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Steve Corner

Name:Steven Corner

Job Title:Technical Lead

Role at animmersion:I lead on technical projects and hardware integration. I advise and solve technical aspects of development, project structure, code reusability and streamlining. I also look after the network, coordinate backups, ensure network security, administer Office365 and advise on hardware procurement, and install hardware systems for clients.

Interesting Fact:I enjoy a challenge, and work well under pressure

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Clair Stockton

Name:Claire Stockton

Job Title:Project Manager

Role at animmersion:It’s my job to manage all projects and coordinate with our clients and our team to make sure we deliver quality products on time and in budget.

Interesting Fact:I don’t do any of the lovely, creative stuff our guys produce but am great with a highlighter pen and a wallchart!

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Carrie Andersen

Name:Carrie Andersen

Job Title:Business Manager

Role at animmersion:

Interesting Fact:

Animmersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | Mo Chattida

Name:Mo Chattida A

Job Title:3D Developer

Role at animmersion:It’s my job to create 3D Animation, Models, Textures, Composition and Rendering or any other process in the 3D pipeline.

Interesting Fact:I love doing creative jobs and I would like to push the 3D visualization to the next level.

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Claire Mackie

Name:Claire Mackie

Job Title:3D Developer

Role at animmersion:

Interesting Fact:

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Tom Yearby

Name:Tom Yearby

Job Title:3D Developer

Role at animmersion:My role requires me to work across the development spectrum, from low and high-resolution modelling work, to CAD optimisation for real-time implementation and occasionally animation and post-production.

Interesting Fact:When I’m not sat at my desk having fun producing 3D work, I’ll be sat on my bike having fun in the Yorkshire Dales.

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Nick Ruddock

Name:Nick Ruddock

Job Title:3D Developer

Role at animmersion:

Interesting Fact:

Animmersion UK | Virtual Reality Development | Michael Taylor

Name:Michael Taylor

Job Title:3D Developer

Role at animmersion:As a junior 3D Developer, I aid in the creation of the digital visualisation products. To ensure that the clients engage with the visualisations, I utilise a range of skills such as 3D animation, modelling and video editing to enable a product to come to life.

Interesting Fact:To summarise, I make things look pretty!

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | Cedric Fok

Name:Cedric Fok

Job Title:Software Developer

Role at animmersion:It’s my job to develop dashboards, mobile applications and Windows software to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

Interesting Fact:I also do Chinese translation and photography if the project requires.

Animmersion UK | Animation Development | David Wilson

Name:David Wilson

Job Title:Software Developer

Role at animmersion:I take the beautiful content created by our 3D team and make it interactive. I get to work with a wide-range of technologies, from virtual reality through to mobile apps and web-based experiences.

Interesting Fact:My entries to the annual office bake-off competition are famous for their high sugar content and generous portion sizes!

Animmersion UK | Virtual Reality Development | Sonny Gray

Name:Sonny Gray

Job Title:Interactive Developer

Role at animmersion:I'm a programmer! My main role is to handle the technical aspects in developing interactive experiences, primarily through the medium of AR and VR.

Interesting Fact:I've always loved how video games allowed me to experience different worlds and situations; VR to me is exciting in that it has the potential to make those experiences even more immersive.

Animmersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | Natalie Reed

Name:Natalie Reed

Job Title:Business Engagement

Role at animmersion:Responsible for all areas of business support and engagement from event coordination, marketing, sales and logistics.

Interesting Fact:

Animmersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | Ian Robinson

Name:Ian Robson

Job Title:Consultant

Role at animmersion:A range of things, but primarily sales, marketing and business development aspects - so its my job to reach out to people and organisations who may want to use our services. This can range from small orders up to six-figure contracts involving partnerships or back-office outsourcing arrangements. You’ll see me at exhibition or events, or can contact me anytime.

Interesting Fact:I'm a science nut; I’ve been in research or cutting-edge tech all my life for companies and government labs - so you can talk to me about pretty much any sector, whether its engineering or biotech, utilities, space or healthcare. You don’t have to, but you can….

Animmersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | Jess Williams

Name:Jessica Williams

Job Title:Consultant

Role at animmersion:

Interesting Fact: