3D animation for Analox Military Systems

3D animation for Analox Military Systems

Animmersion have provided Analox Military Systems with an animation demonstrating the importance of atmospheric monitoring equipment as a critical life support system in subsea vessels such as submarines.

Analox Military Systems are based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. They design, manufacture and sell specialist gas detection equipment used by military organisations across the world.

The animation has been shown at exhibitions including DSEI in London, Pacific 2015 in Sydney and SAMAP in Den Helder. The presentation is also used during training sessions. Vicky Pigg, Sales and Marketing Director at Analox Military Systems said:

“The presentation Animmersion created for us is highly detailed and is a great way of showing distributors, customers and prospects how our gas monitoring solutions are used in submarines.”

Animmersion has a strong relationship with Analox Military Systems, having previously provided them with a 3D hologram system for their reception area and are now also investigating how the company can use virtual reality in their business.

The submarine presentation is available to view on the Analox Military Systems website  at www.analoxmilitarysystems.co.uk