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Interactive Training and E-learning

We supply three main types of digital training tools:

  • Training animations covering everything from correct product use to all kinds operational procedures and practices. App and game versions too.
  • Immersive, interactive training modules. Practice anytime, anywhere, using 24/7 web-based tools hosted on your own platform or learning environment – or on our secure online portals. Users can carry out a simulated procedure, with optional quiz and step-sorter challenges (place procedural steps in the correct sequence). Users gain instant feedback on performance.  Supplied as self-contained software packages, ready to install and use.
  • Interactive digital product manuals covering installation, operation, maintenance – or all of these. Chapterised for easy navigation to key data (images, animations, PDFs, technical drawings etc). Passive, view-only versions – or fully interactive tools for demonstration or training use, with instantaneous call-up of data and embedded  links to sales or technical contacts.