Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies will change how companies advertise, sell, meet and distribute product information.

Initially, most applications will involve head-mounted displays (HMDs). This will involve a screen or mobile phone being viewed through lenses in a head set – or inside a visor, goggles or lightweight helmet.  The equipment can be used in meeting rooms, on exhibition stands or plugged into your home PC.

We help companies to understand the importance of VR and AR by contract research, pilot-trials and the design & delivery of cost-effective tools and systems. To do this, we convert existing 3D animated content, or we develop new material from first principles.

We are platform agnostic and will use whatever equipment is needed to create imaginative and cost-effective tools for our clients.  Our current offerings include combinations of Unity (the development platform for 2D and 3D games and interactive experiences) with HMDs such as Oculus Rift, or a combination of the Samsung Gear VR headset and Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Gamepad Controller.

We also have an extensive range of other assets including Meta 1 AR and Google Cardboard VR/AR headsets for clients to experiment with.

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