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User Interface Design

We design user interfaces for project or process management – including UI (user interface), GUI (graphical user interface) and HMI (human machine interface) applications.

They can be simple data presentation systems with selectable “drill-down” structures that are engaging and easy to use.

Or they can be shop-windows that allow customers to browse and select the appropriate item from a wide product range. They can include sophisticated configurator functions that allow customers to use design, size and finish the item before placing an order.

We also design interactive dashboards for real-time operational management, or other operational data visualisation requirements.

We are experts in visualising “difficult” information – from complex scientific or engineering data, to mutli-track parallel processes or even ways to describe and track complex healthcare conditions.

Examples of recent UI work include:

• real-time displays of analytical and process efficiency (offshore; engineering)
• online product hubs with intelligent auto-selection (construction)
• people-tracking/customer flow optimisation dashboards (travel & transport)
• data configurators for work planning & bidding systems (media)
• the visualisation of complex medical conditions (healthcare)

Clients for user interface services include Move With Us, Tracerco, CrowdVision, Kinetic Worldwide (WPP) and others.