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Animmersion has been Shortlisted for a North East Business Award

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Animmersion is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for an Innovation Award at this year’s North East Business Awards.

The regional awards recognise business talent within the area and celebrates key achievements amongst individual companies. Animmersion has been shortlisted alongside two other companies and the winner of this prestigious award will be announced at a ceremony being held at the Olympia Building, Teesside on the 22nd March.

The purpose of the innovation award – sponsored by Teesside University – is to honour a leading company that has introduced an innovative product or service.

As a pioneering company we are constantly seeking new ways to breathe life into existing content in ways that is more engaging than traditional methods. One of our greatest innovations to date is the creation and development of a virtual construction game designed to support the training needs of existing personnel and entrants into the construction sector.

Our aim is to introduce immersive technology to businesses, not just as a ‘nice to have’ tool, but as a solution that adds real value. As such, our training solutions can ultimately lead to a reduction in costs for our clients and acts as a valuable platform of information that takes personnel through an immersive experience that couldn’t be done in the real world.

We would like to thank all of the team at Animmersion for their continued dedication and hard work and we look forward to the awards ceremony.

Introducing Our New Team Members

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We are delighted to welcome to the Animmersion team our latest two recruits, Claire Stockton and Andy Wilkin.

Claire steps into the role of Project Manager and will be responsible for scheduling all projects, as well as liaising with both clients and the team to ensure projects are consistently being delivered to the highest possible standards. Claire joins us having most recently worked at Phusion IM as a Business Support Manager. Impressively, Claire holds a masters in Multimedia Application and has a vast amount of experience in 3D Immersive environments.

Andy joins our team of 3D Developers possessing over 17 years’ experience in the field. Andy attended university with Animmersion’s business owners Dominic and Sam and has a BA Hons in Creative Visualisation. Since graduating Andy has worked for some impressive animation companies based down south including Glassworks, The Mill and Studio AKA where he has worked on projects for high end clients including the likes of Wrigleys and Audi.

The new appointments play an integral part in achieving Animmersions ambitious growth plans as we look to employ eight additional staff within the next year.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome both Claire and Andy to the team and wish them the best of luck in their new roles.

Animmersion is Delivering a Workshop at HSE Congress 2018

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animmersionWe will be exhibiting at this year’s highly anticipated Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Congress on the 7th and 8th February at Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire. The event provides an ideal opportunity for Animmersion to network with some of the UK’s leading HSE professionals and showcase our latest technologies that can streamline and improve training within businesses to significantly enhance workers safety.

With 20 solution providers and 15 speakers, the HSE Congress event boasts an engaging programme over the course of two days that will see a content-based platform of keynote speakers, panels, workshops and roundtables taking place. These will focus around topics including safety culture, behavioural safety, digital transformation and future technologies, as well as many more.

As such, our Managing Director, Dominic Lusardi and Studio Manager Andrew Liddell will be delivering a workshop to showcase our leading virtual reality technology, demonstrating how such solutions are becoming increasingly vital to facilitating workers safety. We also want businesses to think about the future technologies that are emerging and the great potential that they offer in terms of improving operational performance and safety, as well as reducing costs.

If you would like to meet up with Dominic at the event to discuss our leading digital visualisation solutions, please email dlusardi@animmersion.co.uk.

Marketing technology is a strategic asset, and should be used as such.

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Creating a viable technology stack is hard  and many of the things you need to consider to do it successfully aren’t even technological, they are based on communication, planning and strategy.

Strategy, combined with creativity is one area that seems to present issues to some organisations.

Not only do you need to be selecting the right marketing technology, butalso the implementation plan, communications, and ensuring that the necessary skills are in place to get the most value for money.

Sometimes it is necessary to talk to digital consultants to make sure that you are investing in the right levels of technology. This is particularly important in the rapidly changing world of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Some organisations are already there, but generally digital advertisers and traditional marketing departments have been slow to adapt to the challenges of new technology.

We have compiled a list of four tips that you can implement to change successfully – this applies whether you are developing a marketing solution, a piece of animation or a complex, involving piece of augmented reality

  • Marketing technology should be treated as an investment portfolio, not as individual solutions. A holistic approach is required to make it work effectively. Look at each tech solution and its purpose, and plan accordingly, rather than looking for a cure all solution. There is rarely a cure all solution to any issue. No single area of marketing technology will solve all issues that you have, despite what some of the technology companies may tell you.
  • It is important to define high level workflows during the technology selection process. You need to develop plans, assign tasks and monitor them closely. So many projects fail because they go out of scope due to poor management and control. It is important to make the technology work for your specific needs, rather than tweaking your workflows to fit generic examples.
  • Put a strong communications plan in place from day 1. It is important to let everyone involved in the business know how the change is going, and explain things to people who have a stake in how the technology is used. Identify the key stakeholders, and the key influencers. Influencers may not be using the technology themselves, but they can be a powerful force within any organisation. There are usually people whose opinion matters, even in areas unrelated to their fields of operation.
  • Make sure that you are prepared in the eventuality that you lose a piece of marketing technology, be that because it isn’t working, or it gets assimilated by another piece of tech. Remember that technology you don’t own, is always subject to change, which can be positive and negative. You must be ready to adapt, and so should your technology stack.

Animmersion seeking experienced Unity developers

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Animmersion is seeking experienced Unity developers to support our growing team.

The roles may be filled by freelance or Full time role, with initial 3 month probationary/fixed term period.

Role 1: Technical Unity Developer

  • At least 3 years experience – mid or lead level.
  • Unity
  • C# and scripting
  • Experience working on VR and AR
  • Advantageous if the applicant has experience developing for web and mobile OR has UI/UX skills

The ideal candidate would be experienced working to tight deadlines and have strong communication abilities. Must be able to plan out projects, have excellent problem solving abilities and work independently, while also integrating into a team as required.

  • Contract – £24-32,000 PA dependent on experience
  • Freelance – £negotiable

Role 2: Real-time 3D artist

  • At least 3 years experience – mid or lead level.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 3D Studio Max
    • Scene and model optimisation
    • Environment modelling
    • Animation
    • Texturing, unwrapping, texture development (Photoshop etc)
    • CAD import and clean-up
  • Unity development
    • Lighting and shaders
    • Scene optimisation
    • Import pipeline
    • Animation configuration and triggering
    • Scripting
    • Various outputs (VR/AR/Screen based)

The ideal candidate would be experienced working to tight deadlines and have strong communication abilities. Must be creative and capable of building and optimising great looking environments and models, as well as using third party assets and CAD data to implement the same. Must also be able to plan out projects, have excellent problem solving abilities and work independently, while also integrating into a team as required.

  • Contract – £22-30,000 PA dependent on experience
  • Freelance – £negotiable

Contact info@animmersion.co.uk

Digital marketing is changing, and these new technologies are the reason

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It seems that every week, a new, exciting technological advancement is announced, that is going to revolutionise the world of business. No industry benefits more from these new developments than marketing, and there are more just around the bend. Some are already well documented, whereas others get lees media coverage, but are just as exciting.

We’ve spoken about augmented and virtual reality before, but they are so important in terms of developments in the industry that they warrant another mention here. Augmented reality, where the real world is overlaid with computer generated information and images, has numerous and obvious application for marketers. Seeing an advertising campaign tailored specifically for the individual user is a dream that soon may be realised. Virtual reality is even more immersive, with the real world being entirely replaced with one generated by a computer. The more immersed in the product an advert can make a customer feel, the more chance there is that they will buy said product.

Whilst Siri, and other digital assistants used to be difficult to use properly, now, they are becoming a more and more reliable means of finding information. Now, more people than ever are relying on voice based questions, and digital personal assistants are only going to get more advanced.

Data visualisation and self-learning algorithms are two new developments that have huge ramifications. New algorithms that update by themselves when new information is learned, in order to better understand their user’s needs, will be allow for rapid technological advancements. And of course, the more data the better, but it needs to be easy to understand in order to be successfully implemented. The easier the data can be visualised, the more useful it is for advertisers.

There has also been an increase in the number of social media scheduling platforms, which allow advertisers to plan social media releases way in advance, making their whole operation much more efficient. There are some programs that will even write content from scratch, content that could have been mistake for being written buy a human.

And finally, of course, there is the Internet of things, or IoT, which is the general term for interconnected, internet ready Smart devices that can all be remotely controlled. The idea that you can advertise something whilst people are using similar products is very exciting and opens up a whole new real of possibilities.

To really take advantage of the opportunities the digital marketing revolution offers, you need to work with a digital consultancy business that is truly immersed in the market.