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Interactive Maps

Interactive maps – we design and supply interactive 3D maps of all kinds, with fly-around, zoom-in, click-on and data call-up functions.

Everything from global maps showing office locations or projects undertaken, to industrial site maps, interactive planning tools, major event interfaces and many other things.

App, online, touch-screen or other interactive format.

Recent clients include Tracerco, QA Weldtech, Singer Valves, Teesside University, Tall Ships Race and others.

We’ve just created an interactive map for Valvitalia Group – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flow control equipment. The map uses a simple yet beautiful animated map to create sustained interest and bring the subject to life, while allowing users to navigate quickly around the sectors where the company operates.

Marica Gentile from Valvitalia says “The interactive map has been appreciated by every single person who has seen and tried it. Starting from our top management, to our sales force who use it to present our Group to customers all over the world.”

We are proud of the work that we have supplied. The map itself is deceptively simple, but is an excellent demonstration of the less is more principle. The animation is confident and very subtle, creating something that is engrossing without distracting from the core business message.

By putting in small details, it is possible to create an animation that becomes more involving the more you look at it. In this case, it is the slight movement in the sails, and the detail of the aircraft landing that creates what is almost an illusion of complexity.

You can view the map here