Who we work for

We supply animations, interactive software and Apps to many sectors of industry, but we specialise in the visualisation of scientific or technical products and procedures – especially those involving engineering – and make them powerful, clear and engaging. Not the usual media agency at all.

Given the sensitivity of the material that we work on, we are fully conversant with confidentiality requirements and work from electronically-protected offices.

Often, our job doesn’t end with product delivery. As consultants, we are glad to advise on how best store and use the product, how it can be accessed and updated. For example, we do app design and upload, but on request we provide online “traffic monitoring”, interpretation and feedback.

We also provide a wide range of other added-value services, including secure digital data storage.

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We find the correct solution to meet your needs – from an app with a website to a touchscreen project with ipads/laptops, online and offline use.