Welcome to Animmersion

The intelligent visualisation of information

The design and supply of digital tools – dashboards, user interfaces, apps and animations.

•    Developed in almost any format (app, animation, hologram, VR/AR, UI or dashboard)
•    Delivered through almost any media (mobile, tablet, PC/Mac, TV/DVD/BluRay, touchscreen, Oculus, Dreamoc, cloud).

Our digital tools have many uses, including:

•    Operations: data management interfaces, operating system dashboards, including real-time displays
•    Sales: apps, interactive touchscreen content, 3D product animations, 3D hologram displays
•    Customer assets: interactive digital product manuals
•    Training: interactive installation, operation and maintenance manuals, e-learning tools and immersive simulations.

We are also consultants, able to advise on digital strategy.

Our products add value – they distinguish you from the competition, help to pitch and win sales, improve operational efficiency and increase product awareness.

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