Creating immersive digital experiences

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We create engaging animations ranging from simple and stylized through to advanced and photo-realistic.

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Interactive Displays

From apps to touchscreen, our interactive displays are intuitive and attractive making complex and challenging subjects easy to understand across any touch-based device.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)

We create incredible immersive experiences using VR and AR technologies to deliver revolutionary first-person experiences.

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Holograms and Mixed Reality

Showcase your products and services in a unique and remarkable way using holographic display technology.

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UI and UX Design

We design intuitive and effective user interfaces and dashboards that are highly engaging and easy to use.

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Our Clients

Animersion UK | Hologram Development | Bristan
Animersion UK | App Development | Crowdvision
Animersion UK | App Development | Edwards
Animersion UK | App Development | Johnson Matthey
Animersion UK | Augmented Reality Development | total marketing support
Animersion UK | App Development | St John Ambulance
Animersion UK | App Development | Unipres
Animersion UK | App Development | Vortex
Animersion UK | Virtual Reality Development | Centre for Life
Animersion UK | Virtual Reality Development | Mueller Co